Hi, this is Filipe Montebeller Rocha speaking!

I'd like an ice breaker for you, so let's begin with a small presentation before throwing information into your face.

More than being challenged, I love programming and developing. It can be websites, apps or even whole systems.

I believe ideas come and go in everyone's mind, the difference is whether or not the person will put it to work or just let it go.

Other thing that might help most people is working with love. Then people would do it with more enthusiasm and willingness, and, in a consequence relationship, it would do it more effectively.

Professional Name: MontebellerZ
Birthdate: 14/10/1999
Nationality: Brazilian

"Be your best, then become the best."

My best qualities are:
  • Proactive and communicative
  • Ability to listen and follow instructions
  • Ease in relationship with people
  • Good at working as a team or alone
  • Very dedicated and persistent
And my skills:
  • I consider myself able to work with C, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and SQL
  • I have also tried the basics of PHP, Python, AWS and Cloud9
  • Advanced English
  • Native Portuguese

And experiences:
  • Physics monitor during high school
  • Private math and physics teacher
  • Computer Science Technician for Internet at SENAC (locked due to Covid-19)
  • Graduation in Computer Science - UVV (studying - ends on 2023/11)
  • Complete high school at Charles Darwin Educational Center. )

"Improve yourself, then help improving others."

Email: montebellerrochawork@gmail.com
Phone number: +5527997510809
Complete Address: Avenida Henrique Moscoso 544, AP 204, Vila velha, ES, Brazil, 29100-020
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